Masahiro(Vo.Gt) Yujin(Vo.Gt)

Formed in 2018, this singer-songwriter unit consists of Masahiro (Vo, Guitar) and Yujin (Vo, Guitar).
They sublimate music from the 70s and 80s into modern pop songs, specializing in nostalgic yet new songs with a West Coast flavor. Their core sound and lyrics that weave sweetly descriptive scenes have earned them a reputation as “current city pop artists.

In 2019, he performed live with Shigeru Suzuki, the guitarist of , and their song “Voyage ~The theme of CRUISER POP~” from their second album “CRUISER POP” was featured in the October/November episode of TV Asahi’s “JUNSAL”. It has also been selected as the ending theme.

The name “Amanetril” was coined by combining two words: “amanetril,” which means “sound” in Japanese, and “trill,” which means “tremor,” a decorative sound in the art of music.